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Called for a cab on a Tuesday and never received a call back. Rude dispatch and didn't answer second. Never again Alex Moriconi PT, DPT alexander.moriconi @ I called Liberty Cab to find out if they would allow me to take a small pet in a carrier in the cab. I was told this was allowed. I arranged for the cab to pick me up 45 minutes before the scheduled vet appointment. Once the driver was 15 minutes late I called the company to find out what the problem was only to be put on hold for 30 minutes and then be disconnected. Fortunately the vet's office allowed me to come in a little late and I was able to get a ride from a friend who was just getting in from work. Mary Ellen Richardson.
Liberty Taxi horrible service. Hello, I called at 8:30 tonight and was told a cab would be right over. A half hour later I called and the guy acted shocked that the cab driver has not called me. Two of the other people waiting for cab called. The third person got through and the guy said that since it was the third number calling for the same address the cab will not be coming. This is horrible customer service. Do not tell customers something if it cannot be completed. It is also rude to hang up on customers and say how a follow up phone call relates to a cancel cab. I will not call this service again and will make sure I tell everyone not use this cab company. Danielle Piacentini Global Fashion Enterprise Graduate Student, December 2014
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